Leitung: Sarah Roellinger & Sina Zecarias


Nachdurst Klang vom 31.08.2016:

Welche neuen Lieblingslieder hat KC diese Woche zu bieten?

Another week, another Wednesday, another Nachdurst-Klang and its 12 Lieblingslieder.

(CC-0) SteenJepsen / pixabay.com

Our new Musikredakteurin Giselle Ucar listened to our 30 songs on the rotation this week, handpicked her 12 favourite ones and found out lots of anecdotes and fun facts about them. 
Tune in 2-3 pm today to listen to Kölncampus' faves.

mild high club – skiptracing (single) stones throw
kivnon – banzai (single) fated
pkew pkew pkew – mid 20‘s skateboarder (pkew pkew pkew) eingenvertrieb
nouvelle vague – love will tear us apart (athol brose) kwaidan
the rifles – wall around your heart (single) cooking vinyl
the bug – the box [feat. d double e] (the box/iceman) ninja tune
crystal castles – char (amnesty) fiction
angel olsen – shut up kiss me (my woman) jagjaguwar
trentemøller – redefine (single) in my room
glass animals – poplar street (how to be a human being) wolf tone
motion graphics – lense (motion graphics) domino
primal scream – 100% or nothing (single) ignition


Moderation: Giselle Ucar, Renè Müller
Redaktionelle Leitung: Sarah Roellinger