Leitung: Marta Falfasinski & Federico Kersting


Mixtape vom 24.03.2017:

... von hier sieht Köln aus wie New York.

Abseits von 5th Avenue und Times Square gibt es in New York viele sehr gemütliche, ruhige und einfach sehr entspannte Ecken. Ob in einer kleinen Pizzeria in Brooklyn oder in einem Jazz-Keller in Harlem, und genau an diese Orte wurde sich zurück erinnert, als dieses Mixtape gemacht wurde. 


bill evans & jim hall - skating in central park (undercurrent) united artist records

bluørangee- ¥¥¥ (¥¥¥) o-nei-ric tapes

archy marshal - swell (a new place 2 drown) true panther sounds

graves - morning blunt (lofi.hiphop [008])

bluørangee- etoile (b.rdyj 002) o-nei-ric tapes

king krule - will i come (6 feet beneath the moon) true panther records

5 7 0 3 - i once saw a wizard at a bus stop (lofi.hiphop [008])

loyle carner - seamstress (tooting masala) (yesterday's gone) amf records

action bronson - a light in the addict (feat party supplies and black atlass) (mr. wonderful) atlantic records

robert glasper - smells like teen spirit (black radio) blue note records

kiyani - om beach lament (lofi.hiphop [008])

ross h. - photograph (lofi.hiphop [008])

bob le head - thyi (lofi.hiphop [008])

king krule - neptune estate (6 feet beneath the moon) true panther records

meyhem lauren - qu cartilage (instrumental) (silk pyramids) thrice great records

dannyprovolone (frith) - fourdee (lofi.hiphop [008])

riki - sore (sore 2017 ep)

poyta v.p. - gun (lofi.hiphop [008])

rising sun - lament (sven's bird's lament mix) (lament) just another beat

botany - lo, hi (raw light ii) western vinyl

moby - a case for shame (feat cold specks) (innocents) warner music australasia

moby - natural blues (play) v2/ mute/ emi

gil scott heron feat. jamie xx - i'm new here (we're new here) xl recordings

jamie xx - the rest is noise (in colour) young turks

kid simius - recorded in hawaii (wet sounds) jirafa records

small black - despicable dogs (small black ep) jagjaguwar

adar - masta (lofi.hiphop [008])

fess grandiose - spanish dreams (fess grandiose) etc records

knowmadic - thatsthewayhegoes (lofi.hiphop [008])

gil scot heron feat. jamie xx - jazz interlude (we're new here) xl recordings

wes montgomery - born to be blue (live at tsubo) (full house) riverside-records

robert glasper - lift off (feat shafiq husayn) (black radio) blue note records

bill evans - my funny valentine (undercurrent) united artist records

bernard hermann- diary of a taxi driver (taxi driver ost) arista records

earl sweatshirt - chum (doris) tan cressida

veto - bowls (sinus point break) sony music entertainment

veto - upwards (sinus point break) sony music entertainment

pianos become the teeth - repine (keep you) epitaph records

spiritfirst -rememberlastsummer (lofi.hiphop [008])

bill evans - romaine (alternate take) (undercurrent) united artist records


Wer sich das Ganze nochmal in voller Länge anhören möchte, kann das hier tun: 


Redaktionelle Leitung: Henrik Schütz